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Bar Cocktail Podcast Выпуск 19 добавлен 14.05.15 11:10

Hello, we still continue. At this episode POCHAHO on the decks!

Bar Cocktail Podcast Выпуск 18 добавлен 03.04.15 17:47

We’re back! And we have a new member of our family. PLEASE WELCOME! BEVERLY HILLS! This episode by him

Bar Cocktail Podcast Выпуск 17 добавлен 07.08.14 05:18

Hi everybody! In this episode we’ll be listen special dj set by Freed52. Enjoy!

Bar Cocktail Podcast Выпуск 16 добавлен 23.07.14 20:03

Hola familia! At this episode Pochaho will present to you some fresh & groovy tech house set. Enjoy and keep in touch!

Bar Cocktail Podcast 15/3 добавлен 20.06.14 16:58

Well, that’s the final part of a DJ set from Zakir. Enjoy

Bar Cocktail Podcast 15/2 добавлен 19.06.14 16:27

Here we are again, this is second part of the DJ set by Zakir

Bar Cocktail Podcast 15/1 добавлен 18.06.14 22:05

Hi there, that episode is special, we present record of the dj set, from our big friend Zakir. So this is first...

Bar Cocktail Podcast Выпуск 14 добавлен 15.05.14 02:54

Hi all, bored? At this time, on the decks Freed52. Pleasant listening!

Bar Cocktail Podcast Выпуск 13 добавлен 24.04.14 13:58

We’re back and in this episode you’ll be enjoy live dj set from Stepa Djam


Bar Cocktail

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